November 16, 2016
INAir Aviation Services Changes Name To Match Specialty.

Aero Precision Industries LLC (“Aero Precision”) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with WesTest Engineering Corporation to provide sales support for the WesTest-2000/DATS Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Test Program Sets which provide the ability to test 5 LRUs (Line Replaceable Units) and 400+ SRUs (Shop Replaceable Units) from 45 LRUs. Aero Precision provides worldwide support for depot level test, repair and spares for aircraft avionics systems. WesTest-2000/DATS Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) provides the ability to test electronic assemblies and diagnose failures at the SRU level. The WesTest software suite runs on a standard Microsoft Windows operating system.

"WesTest F-16 Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) is already in service with six F-16 users including USAF. We look forward to working with Aero Precision to expand our F-16 Avionics testing and repair capability to more F-16 users world-wide," said Attila Shevket, President of WesTest Engineering.

"International F-16 fleets are aging and FMS channel support is decreasing. F-16 users are looking at many options, one of which includes internal R&OH capability. Aero Precision offers various Depot Level Maintenance (DLM) capabilities to our customers to make them self-sufficient. For that purpose the WesTest - 2000/DATS is the perfect avionics test stand to test over 400 SRUs. The capability that Aero Precision/WesTest DLM provides is not just a test stand but repair training, manuals and spare support as well." said Ertugrul Turhal, Vice President of Technical Support and Business Development for Aero Precision.

About Aero Precision Aero Precision is a leader in aerospace distribution and services and a premier worldwide stocking distributor of aircraft OEM parts, and its officers oversee Aero Precision Holdings LP, a holding company for DAC International Inc., NASAM Inc., and other Aero Precision affiliate companies. With over 20 years of reliability, quality products and customer service, Aero Precision facilitates the purchasing and R&OH process by sourcing all military aircraft parts requirements under its unique logistic support model. Aero Precision has stocking distribution agreements with Honeywell, UTAS (Hamilton Sundstrand), CEF, Parker, Pall, Eaton, Texstars, Champion Aerospace, Zodiac Aerospace, Crane Aerospace, Marvin Test Solutions, Essex Industries, InterConnect Wiring, Amfuel and other strategic OEM partners for various product lines and supports 60+ countries worldwide. News and information are available at

About WesTest Engineering Corporation WesTest Engineering Corporation is a unique small business that provides automated test equipment and diagnostic solutions for commercial and military repair depots. WesTest Engineering Corporation offers turnkey hardware and software solutions for the military and aerospace. Our family of VXIbus and PXIbus based automatic test systems are designed to support avionic and missile systems and diagnose to the component level. These state-of-the-art testers are currently being used to support the F-4, F-5, F-15, F-16 and C-17 aircraft at commercial and military depots in the United States and overseas locations. News and information are available at

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